Regina + Anthony

[San Diego Chargers Training Camp]

“Hey Mandrew this is my Fiance Regina” -Anthony

“Hi I’m Mark Andrew or Mandrew” -me

“I know I follow you on instagram.” -Reggie

WHAT AN AWESOME FIRST IMPRESSION! Reggie had a cute little smile and soft voice I knew she would be the perfect bride to work with! Unfortunately, I wasn’t too much under their radar until David Corrales hyped me up to them lol.

I first met Anthony back in high school (damn I can’t believe it’s been over 7 years!). He was a grade lower than me but, we had our own cliques. His clique that was located in “Asian Ave.” with a unique group that tore up the b-boy (break dancing) community for our school. I was always mind blown by their talents…

Anyway! This wedding was full of laughs and good energy. It was REALLY hard for me to not stop and stare at their awesome first dance. Heck! It was hard for me to not stop and stare the whole reception! Everyone had tricks up their sleeves and all I wanted to do was watch and live in the moment with them. I honestly felt like I went to a wedding where it was hosted by “America’s Best Dance Crew” and “So You Think You Can Dance?” because seriously…? The dancing at this reception was like DUDE! ANOTHER LEVEL!

Overall, I had great time celebrating with Reggie and Anthony. Thank you so much for the hospitality and including me on one of your most important days of your lives! I loved everything!


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