Valerie + Kevin

Valerie is one of my high school friend’s little sister. There was this one time we were on at her house and me and the guys decided to mess with her. It’s pretty much a website where you can secretly write down an answer to the question you’re asking. Long story short we freaked her out so much she cried super hard. That was probably one of my most memorable days with her around.

Now she’s married. Time flies so fast! I wasn’t the main shooter for this wedding. In fact, I volunteered to see if I can shoot the wedding with my new mini camera (fujifilm x100s). Kevin (Valerie’s husband… Yes her and her brother have the same name haha) is also a photographer so he understood what I wanted to do. He decided to do trades with his photographer friend so that made so much sense.

Anyway, I loved how I shot this wedding with this mini cam. It produces such juicy images!


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