Regina + Huber

Regina and Huber… Where do I start!? So Regina was referred to me by one of my favorite people in the world Veronica ( I shot her wedding too and are pretty much homies now lol) . Regina flew me out to Arizona where I did their engagement session in some random canyon area that was totally sweet. It’s so fun getting flown out to different cities for my craft. Its a very humbling experience.

Now to the wedding day. It was… HOT HOT HOT! WOW! It was about 110 degrees outside and literally after 5 minutes of being outside you would see sweat marks all over your shirt. It was not cool. Literally LOL! But Regina and Huber are a tough couple and we made it alive during our 15 minute session before the reception. Overall, it was FUN! I got to rent out a brand new mustang to drive up to Palm Springs so the ride home was fun too. Thank you guys for such an awesome wedding! Friends for life!


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