Alyssa + Sopheak


Have you ever met somebody for the first time in person after following them on social media for awhile? Well, in this case I met Jessica (Theadas) for the first time at this wedding through Instagram. Not only did I meet her, but the reason why I met her is because she told her brother Sopheak about me. Yay for social media leads!

I came into this wedding super confident. I had an awesome second shooter, just came back from a conference, and have been on a roll with my photography. As I was taking cool shots in Alyssa’s room something totally changed the flow of my shooting. I freaking ripped my pants!!! Not just any rip, but from the bottom all the way to my crouch. You can say I had a sexy leg going on. But thanks to the bridesmaids they gave me a pin to temporarily hold it down. Special thanks to my mom for going out of her way to pick up some pants for me and dropping it off. What a life a saver! Yay moms!

This wedding was fun to shoot. One thing that really stood out to me was the Thai food. Oh yes. I love that stuff! The mix of Sopheak and Alyssa’s energy made this wedding fun and memorable. I also really loved how they let my creative juices flow for the night shots. It was the perfect way to kick off the wedding season for me. Congratulations Sopheak and Alyssa!


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