Violet + Gabriel


Most of my business is based on word of mouth, but there are times where I get a client that finds me through Google or some review sites I am part of. Luckily, Gabriel and Violet stumbled on my site. When we first met my first impression was that they were conservative and laid back. Boy, was I wrong!

When I first arrived to Gabriel’s room for getting ready shots I didn’t think I’d literally be taking a getting ready shot of Grand Marnier Orange + Cognac. LOL! What a good way to start the wedding for me.

They seriously knew how to party. Shot after shot with a mix Caballo Dorado oh man GAME OVER! They we’re really nice to me and my assistant and even offered us a few shots to take with them during the reception. We were well taken care of and I loved the vibe they gave at their wedding. Congratulations Gabriel and Violet! Cheers to you two! 😀



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