Christine + Aaron

Yakima, Washington. This is the small town where Aaron grew up before becoming a big time barber in San Diego. He own’s GoodFellas barber shop located on Bonita Rd in Chula Vista. I highly suggest you get a cut from him because he is a barber’s barber. Yakima is located almost 2 hours away from Seattle and going there was a different scene. It is a very small town that is filled with a lot of farmers. Aaron’s family owns an apple orchard so we got to hang out in the farm days before the wedding. It was my first time riding a horse, and learning/trying different types of fresh apples. Eating an apple fresh from the tree is a taste on it’s own. He told me most apples in stores are over a year old because they over stock in case of any disasters. The wedding was great. We had my buddy Marc give a heartfelt speech so heartfelt it just came out in tears. lol. Everyone there had a great time and the energy throughout the trip was all awesome.

The following day we decided to make a trip up to snoqualmie falls about an hour and a half away from Yakima. When we got there we were so stoked on having photos near the waterfall. Unfortunately, there was a guard there and told us we couldn’t go over the fence because the 1% always left their trash there. We were so bummed but long story short we drove around, trespassed, and hiked over a mile just to reach the other side. It was worth it!

I am so happy to have worked with such a loving couple that appreciate my art. I couldn’t of been any happier. Thank you so much!


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